Stripe Enables Fiat-to-crypto On-ramp


This decentralized digital ecosystem will replace monolithic websites with secure discrete apps, data sources, and services that we will access smoothly and automatically as needed. Crypto ramps make the process of buying crypto in wallets and other crypto-based platforms much quicker, easier and more convenient. I love the sheer simplicity of Ramp for both users and developers. We support Bitcoin, Ethereum and a variety of other cryptocurrencies we have approved through our liquidity providers. Our on/off ramp network of liquidity providers to the Cybrid platform do have other FIAT pairings available – contact our Sales team for more information.

  • Integrate natively within your application or corporate treasury workflows to perform mass payout operations.
  • By far the most common place for new crypto users to on-ramp is via a centralized exchange , such as Binance or Coinbase.
  • In other words, it’s an “on-ramp” to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • If crypto and Web3 are to achieve their full economic potential – which is something we believe in – then we need crypto to fiat ramps everywhere.
  • It has become difficult for the average person to join mining on Proof of Work blockchains and earn crypto.

As the adoption of cryptocurrency continues to grow, on-ramp and off-solutions are increasingly important. Kriptomat is Europe’s leading licensed and regulated exchange marketplace, an all-in-one platform designed to fulfill its mission of bringing crypto to every household in Europe. That hope and ambition extends to the customers of Web3 companies that adopt KriptoRamp and the White Label API. Portfolio monitoring is just one of the hundreds of DeFi applications that could benefit from a high-speed fiat-to-crypto ramp for implementing user onboarding. Blockchain technology is bringing huge changes to the gaming community, but adoption is not as fast as it could be.

What are fiat “on-ramps” and “off-ramps”?

All customers, regardless of the amount spent, are required to provide basic identifying information, including full legal name. If you’ve gone through the KYC process before and are using the same email address, you will not need to go through the verification process again and can skip to step 14. If you’ve gone through the KYC process before and are using the same email address, you will not need to go through the verification process again and will skip to step 15.

You can crypto on ramp whatever chosen proportion of cryptocurrency you own back into fiat, and this could take between hours and days to be processed. You can off-ramp through a centralized or decentralized exchange, depending on how you originally on-ramped. On-ramps and off-ramps are important to cryptocurrency as they provide a way for investors to access and make use of cryptocurrency. Making cryptocurrency exchangeable for fiat currency has made it attractive to new investors, and greatly increased its popularity.

Build blockchain magic with Alchemy

Meanwhile, Transak offers a seamless on-ramp integration which lets users receive yield-earning tokens in their wallet with fewer steps and fees. Traditionally, most DeFi traders and investors buy their crypto first on a centralized exchange before transferring it to a self-custody DeFi wallet. Centralized exchanges list hundreds or thousands of coins that consumers all over the world can purchase for a small processing fee. But due to the seamless user experience and easy-to-use interfaces of centralized platforms, the big players have mainstream appeal. Most don’t expect this to change any time soon, and leading CEXs seem prepared to weather the volatility, seeing it as a natural step in any emerging industry. Centralized crypto institutions are facing major roadblocks, namely regulatory uncertainty surrounding consumer fund protections and how digital assets will be classified in their respective localities.

How fast is ramp crypto?

Off-ramp enables users to sell a choice of 34 digital assets across 17 blockchains. It does so in real time, effectively enabling real-time payments (RTP) so consumers can receive their funds in as little as 20 seconds, rather than hours or even days.

In this model, players engage in activities that lead them to acquire and earn digital assets and coins that they can sell on exchanges and other marketplaces for real-world currencies. Indeed, it is through mining that the first holders acquired crypto assets. Indeed, mining essentially allows you to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies by buying hardware and paying for energy. Ok let’s start by tackling the jargon – when we talk about “on-ramping”, we simply mean using your regular, fiat money to buy some crypto. On-ramping sees you leave the traditional monetary system, and enter into the decentralized, blockchain ecosystem instead. Here at MoonPay, we’re a market leader in providing such solutions.

Best Fiat-To-Crypto On/Off Ramps Companies

Integrate natively within your crypto on ramplication or corporate treasury workflows to perform mass payout operations. High fees and UX friction to cover costs of fraud and sourcing token liquidity. You’re in control GMT of your UX while we handle processing, storing, and USD Coin conversion. Work with a suite of Web3 developer tools designed to make building on blockchain easy.

Use stablecoin digital payments to send and receive funds globally. Allow users to buy crypto with fiat from your non-custody wallet, without opening another account. Embed white labeled crypto on-ramps directly into a DeFi app, NFT platform, or gaming app.

Global transfer limits (excluding the US)

There are no job openings at Ramp Network listed on Cryptocurrency Jobs right now. You can sign upto receive our weekly email with the latest crypto jobs. Truthfully, it’s not always as straightforward as going to the ATM — though developers are working around the clock to change that . Yield farming is a great way to make passive income by investing crypto you already have into liquidity pools to create passive income with high APY opportunities. Get early access to the Spritz app by signing up for beta access here.

Your future customers are researching their next tech solution on CB Insights. Fiat currency refers to a government-issued currency that has no intrinsic value because it’s not backed by anything . Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format. Membership, concierge and lifestyle services offered through AU Card, LLC. However, this is only applicable on blockchains that use the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, like the Bitcoin blockchain. Now, let’s take a look at your options for coming back out of the blockchain-based monetary system.

Crypto <> fiat flow for your app

Our bank transfer information don’t change for a combination of crypto, network and receiving address. With them, users can set up crypto savings plans and DCA strategies through permanent orders of the amount and time interval of their choice. If you wish to spend more than €10,000 in 24 hours or €20,000 in 31 days, you will need to provide an identification document, proof of address, and may also be asked about your source of income. If you wish to spend more than €5,000 in 24 hours or €20,000 in 31 days, you will need to provide an identification document and proof of address, and may also be asked about your source of income. 16 Continue through the remaining steps until you have completed the verification process. 17 Once done, you’ll reach the Complete your transaction screen which will inform you that your verification is complete.


We are here to stay on the long run, therefore we take compliance very seriously and we work hard to make our processes bulletproof. Add our crypto-fiat interface to your website or mobile app with different integration modes and customize its appearance with 10+ parameters. 3 To start a conversation with Ramp’s support team, click Send us a message. If you encounter any issues while using Ramp, you might need to contact Ramp’s support team. If your payment was rejected, you may need to contact your bank.

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