What Is Fibonacci Retracement? How to Use It in Crypto Trading

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The most common kinds of Fibonacci levels are retracement levels and extension levels. Fibonacci retracement levels indicate levels to which the price could retrace before resuming the trend. It’s a simple division of the vertical distance between a significant low and a significant high into sections based on the key ratios of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%.

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Bitcoin (16k), Ethereum (1.2k), Litecoin Price Analyses.

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Watch-list is so convenient that your market watching and researching become well organized and efficient. In the example above, you can see how the Fibonacci sequence Bitcoin chart, where it allows you to take profits from price swings. Breakouts provide buy signals, where the target is the next Fibonacci retracement level. On the other hand, breaking down from Fibonacci sequence levels provides either short entries, or allows you to place stop losses in case of a fakeout. Finally, we get to the meat of our article, where we teach you about Fibonacci trading strategy. Below, we go through various Fibonacci retracement trading strategies that you can use as your Fibonacci day trading strategies for making reliable market entries and exits.

Fibonacci Levels Trading Strategy

From the icon list that appears, click on the settings icon to add a desired Fibonacci level. To add the Fibonacci lines to your chart, click the breadcrumb icon from the top left corner of your device. Also known as the “divine proportion”, the golden ratio represents a ‘perfect’ relationship between a pair of numbers. This relationship is peculiar in the sense that certain mathematical calculations using the number pair return the same result, which is equal to or very close to 1.618. Fibonacci numbers have a perfect numerical relationship that can be applied in a couple of diverse natural and artificial systems, including cryptocurrency trading.

To obtain the ratios for BNB Fibonacci extension vs retracement, we simply add the usual ratios to 100%, which gives us 1.236, 1.382, 1.5, 1.618, and so forth. This is just a crude example on how to trade with Fibonacci retracements. We will expand further upon how to trade Fibonacci retracement further down in our article. But first, you need to learn how to add Fibonacci retracement level using our GoodCrypto free Fibonacci retracement tool. Now that you know how to read Fibonacci retracement in a chart, let’s continue by showing you how to trade with Fibonacci retracement.

Predictions and analysis

Fib crypto trading involves using Fibonacci retracement and extension levels to find support and resistance levels, or areas of interest where reversals may occur. As with all technical analysis tools, Fibonacci retracement levels are most effective when used within a broader strategy. Using a combination of several indicators offers a chance to more accurately identify market trends, increasing the potential for profit. As a general rule, the more confirming factors, the stronger the trade signal. Fibonacci levels are mainly used to identify support and resistance levels.

  • With that in mind, you can surmise that the sequence’s next three numbers will be 233, 377, and 610.
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  • These crypto Fibonacci lines provide price levels where the price is likely to reverse within the trend.
  • Not everyone is a fan of the Fibonacci approach to market analysis.
  • Fibonacci extensions are very useful for determining exit positions when the price breaks out of the trend, beyond 100%.

The numbers then show the support and resistance levels between those points. Fibonacci sequence crypto targets are quite accurate due to the fact they are based on important psychological levels or the exponential growth of the price of assets. Fibonacci is used in Elliott Wave Theory, harmonic price patterns, and more to confirm signals, patterns, and possible trend changes. The below example has removed the price action for greater clarity on how to find the tool and what it looks like when drawn out. Let’s have a look at a Fibonacci extension and retracement example to see how it can help you determine price targets in a downtrend.

Not everyone is a fan of the Fibonacci approach to market analysis. Some just see the levels as a self-fulfilling prophecy as so many people are watching them, and not having any particular ‘magical’ properties. However, even for the sceptic, it can give an extra level of insight to potential market turning points that may not be clear at first glance. You should always consider risk management​​ strategies when using technical indicators in trading. The targets can be used to determine your risk versus reward ratio before entering a trade, as well as, an active management tool to uncover new levels of support and resistance. Fibonacci retracements indicate possible locations of support and resistance levels on a price chart.

If you are still wondering how to place Fibonacci retracement you are in for a treat. Drawing Fibonacci retracement levels is completely streamlined in our GoodCrypto app. The only thing you need to learn through trial and error is where to place Fibonacci retracement, as there is no particular rule on how to draw Fibonacci retracement correctly. Selecting a relevant high and low price should be your starting point, depending on the timeframe that you are trading on.

To access this Fibonacci retracement charting tool, activate the drawing tools by clicking on the icon with a square and a cross in the middle. Over the course of history, scholars have researched various ways that help us predict seemingly erratic market behavior. As such, Fibonacci retracement often comes out as one of the most popular methods to forecast a market trend shift.

Once broken downwards, the golden pocket became a new resistance zone. In the 12th century, Leonardo Pisano , noticed that this sequence is widespread across nature. It can be naturally found in spiral shapes that form seashells, constellations, flowers, etc. More importantly, it is believed that Fibonacci retracement also affects how humans behave.

The Ethereum https://www.beaxy.com/ chart below shows different instances of price uptrend, reversal, and continued uptrend within the 24hrs timeframe. Reversal repeatedly extends below the former peak before going ahead to create new uptrends and new peaks in some cases. The point that sits just below previous lows is the golden pocket.

Buying at the 38.2% retracement level then selling at the 23.6% level could be an interesting strategy. This is, of course, highly dependent on individual strategy and many other technical factors. Among the most popular Fibonacci levels are Fibonacci retracement levels, which help identify potential support and resistance zones.

What is the Golden Ratio and How to Use the Golden Pocket

There will be 5 out of 6 Fibonacci tools in this category; the Fibonacci channel is in the “Channels” category. Now click on the chart and scale your lines through an area of the chart you wish to cover. If you’re using a different trading application, it might also have a similar feature. A pair of numbers with this sort of relationship are known as Fibonacci numbers.

Take profit can be set slightly closer to level 161.8 in advance. Stop loss can be set either at the same distance from level 100 as the pending order or closer to level 61.8 . The strategies covered in this article are for information purposes and are not intended to serve as financial advice. Select any of these levels and edit to include your estimated golden pocket.

  • You can add other tools by right-clicking on the panel and selecting “Configure”.
  • For this reason, the indicator is best used alongside other technical analysis tools such as trend lines, volume, moving average convergence divergence and moving averages.
  • As we already know, the Fibonacci retracement is based on a numerical sequence.

Our low point reference will be the low levels of September 2021 and January 2022 at $39,470. Simply click and drag from the all-time high to the lowest points to draw the Fibonacci retracement table. Once in fullscreen, you can proceed to draw your Fibonacci retracement by using the integrated Fibonacci retracement lines tool.


In an upward trend, you can select the Fibonacci line tool, select the low price and drag the cursor up to the LTC high price. The indicator will mark key ratios such as 61.8%, 50.0% and 38.2% on the chart. The Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio appear frequently in nature, biology, architecture and fine art.

In the Bitcoin example below, we selected the yearly high and the yearly low as points of reference for the 1-week chart. But is Fibonacci retracement accurate and should you rely on swing high swing low Fibonacci in crypto trading? To answer this question, let’s first explain how to use the Fibonacci retracement in practice. To achieve this, traders choose Fibonacci swing high swing low price points on the chart. In a new prediction, the next target for BTCUSD might also reach a level that very few at this point would consider or expect.


These results are ed to the low if you are measuring a decline, or subtracted from the high if you are measuring a rally. These levels will become your target resistance as the price is rebounding or support during a correction. A retracement is a short-term price correction during an overall larger upward or downward trend.

Here are some instructions on how to trade using Fibonacci tools to find support and resistance followed by some examples from the crypto market. To learn how to use the Fibonacci retracement tool, you need to understand how to read the lines provided by the aforementioned Fibonacci crypto ratios. Bitcoin price is struggling to maintain above $20,000 per coin — a level that few expected the top cryptocurrency to trade at ever again once it passed the key resistance the first time. Time zones, fans and arcs are quite specific and are rarely used by traders . Fibonacci levels is quite a popular tool that is considered to be basic and is often used together with other strategies . The classical version has only three arcs located within the initial trend range.

fibonacci crypto app retracements is a tool that allows traders to identify price points, where a retracement is likely to occur. These price points also commonly coincide with support and resistance levels. Therefore there are a few conditions before it can be successfully applied.